About Chef En Place

The name Chef En Place is a play on the principal of "Mise En Place", which is a culinary term meaning "putting in place". This technique is practiced to have everything available and ready at hand so the chefs can perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. 

ChefEnPlace,com is designed to provide culinary professionals a place to showcase their skills and market themselves to Wisconsin based clients!

Our Mission

The idea behind ChefEnPlace.com is to create a place where clients can find the culinary professionals that they need for their next event!. What we have on the "other guys" is that we do not want to charge you to sign up, or be a member. We just want to get you in contact with the culinary professionals of Wisconsin.

We provide all different kinds of chefs a space to show off their talents without feeling the need to create their own website or solely rely on their client's word of mouth referrals. We want the personal side of the culinary industry to be just as prevalent as the restaurant side. So let ChefEnPlace.com help you find your next culinary professional, whether it be for a private cooking class, weekly meal preparation, or someone that can cater your wedding reception of 200 people. ChefEnPlace.com has a chef for you!


If you have any questions, please email us at chefenplace2016@gmail.com!