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Why use ChefEnPlace.com?

ChefEnPlace.com was founded on these two principals:

  1. Offer clients a free place where they can find local talented chefs without having to sign up for a membership.
  2. Provide personal chefs with a place where they can advertise themselves to the masses. ChefEnPlace.com wants to take away the hassle for culinary professionals of creating an individual website, updating it, and paying for it. Ultimately, this saves you time and money that you could be using to perfect your craft, creating a logo or looking into getting certification that puts you ahead of the rest of the competition. 

With ChefEnPlace.com in your corner, you will get the following service:

  • A hassle free way of showcasing yourself to clients, on the internet. 
  • A web page that you can be proud of, and you know will receive client-end exposure.
  • A company that is dedicated to offering excellent service to the chefs that work with us, as well as offering a unique way for clients to meet chefs that they need to cater their parties and weddings, put on personal cooking classes, or prepare meals for them. 
  • Resources that help guide you down the right path to be a professional and reputable personal culinary entrepreneur.

Why choose ChefEnPlace.com over the "other guys"?

ChefEnPlace.com does not want to nickle and dime you. We want to provide you with a great, quality service that showcases you, not our website or name. We want to make it an experience where the client can find you faster, easier and of course, for free. You will negotiate your pricing for your services with the customer, not you, the customer and ChefEnPlace.com. If you are just starting as a personal chef, we can provide you with industry standard pricing for the private sector of the culinary industry, but at the end of the day, you can decide how much your time and service is worth.  

We also believe in a flat fee to have your own profile. We are not going to charge you each time you send a quote, like some websites, because we think that is an ineffective way to advertise yourself and your brand, and it is just plain "tacky." Sure you might get the job, but we want you on display to the paying public. ChefEnPlace.com wants to help you develop your brand and your business, not just have you be a chef in the shadows that is contracted out to someone looking for a caterer or a client who needs you to show them how to make stocks and the mother sauces.

The ultimate goal of ChefEnPlace.com is to invigorate the personal side of the food industry. Yes, restaurants will always be looking for chefs, but wouldn't it be nice to be paid for a service at a rate that is fitting to you? Let ChefEnPlace.com help you set up a new profile so you can maximize your internet presence and start working for yourself, not for someone else!